Marconic 'No Touch'Healing Sessions
Marconic Recalibrations

Marconic Energy is a full spectrum, multidimensional healing modality. It works in conjunction with your own Higher Self to release karma and prepare the body for higher energies.

Marconic 'No Touch' Protocol

  • Connect with your Higher Self
  • Increases vibration in the physical body
  • Can create spontaneous healing
  • Activate the fifth dimensional body
  • In-person or Distance‚Äč Sessions available

Marconic Recalibrations

  • "The Human Upgrade"
  • Creates peace and balance in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies
  • Re-tools the three dimensional body to be able to experience and perceive Higher Dimensions
  • "Uncap" the chakras
  • Available as an in-person session only

$77 per session

Two sessions over two
consecutive days

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