Natural healing begins by enhancing the energy flow in our energy field or aura which permeates and surrounds the body. Improving the flow in the energy field supports the self-healing capacity of the body. Using a combination of energy healing and modern science,  we can merge  healing techniques that benefit everyone.

Using Reiki and Sound Therapy, Brandi Khan, CSP, can assist you with achieving optimal balance. She is able to discern your physical, emotional and spiritual needs, with the assistance of her guidance and intuition, in order to offer comfort and insight.

Our bodies are not separate from our minds or emotions. Brandi utilizes a holistic approach to deliver a customized approach for each individual.  Your specialized plan will address emotional, psychological and physical elements of your energy system with cutting edge healing techniques.

Classes and workshops are available


Energetic Alignment and Support for the Entire Family

REIKI classes offered in Lake Jackson, Texas, as well as Lake Charles, Louisiana!

~ ENERGY HEALING ~ Why it's important

Energy healing works on the body's energy systems to release blocked energy or repair distortions in chakras, meridians and the aura. What causes blocked or distorted energy? Here are just a few common examples:

  • Electromagnetic pollution from wireless devices
  • Negative or stuck thoughts, feelings or emotions
  • Cultural toxins that promote fear or drama
  • Interaction with people who thrive on other people's energy - aka 'energy vampires'
  • Repeated exposure to places with a 'bad vibe'
Nikola Tesla

If You want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration

We are all 'Beings of Energy'

Local and long distance Reiki treatments are also available for your pets

Cat resting Reiki

Since our pets cannot always clearly communicate how they are feeling, we need to be aware of subtle changes in their behavior. Lethargy, lack of interest in eating or playing, or excessive cleaning and licking could all be signs that your pet may not be feeling well.

Energy flow blockages decrease a pet's natural healing ability.  Pets can experience stress which may result in negative effects on the immune system.

Animal Reiki calms frightened and anxious animals. It helps reduce stress and allows relaxation to promote well-being.

​Long distance energy healing works anywhere in the world and can be beneficial for feral animals, wildlife, animals who have been traumatized and those that are inclined towards aggressive behavior.

​Like humans, animal energy fields includes spiritual, emotional, mental and physical components which contribute to well-being.

Reiki on Pets dogs

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